Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Levi's History

Now about 150 years ago, in 1853 was a pioneer in the midst of the U.S.
Levi Strauss & Company, founded by the United States.
Originally founded the clothing and fabrics, were engaged in wholesale business dealing with such goods merchandise,
The birth of opportunity in jeans.

Late 19th century.
Its trigger was the voice of the people who work in gold mines in the western U.S. in pioneer days.
"Stand up to hard labor, durable pants want" is the answer to that request,
Levi Strauss & Co. has produced, a durable denim
Use, reinforced with metal rivets on the pockets, "jeans" I.

The seamstress with rivets to reinforce the idea that a metal pocket
Levi Strauss & Co. and a joint Yakobudeibizu
"How to use metal rivets to reinforce the pockets of clothing" with respect to patents
Acquisition date, the May 20, 1873 about 130 years ago, "Date of Birth Jeans" will.

Founder, Levi Strauss about the name of "Levi's ®" that
Brand-named jeans, born in the 19th century, grew significantly in the 20th century,
And the 21st century.

Loved by people across age, must-have item for eternity.

Levi's ® Jeans is it.


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